Who we are

“ The light on the mustard wall and the reflection on me as I go down the stairs. A dress lying on one arm, a pair of shoes on my toes, my gaze raised and in an instant I have everything clear: Maison Beatrice was born like this, from an image that became a dream and then a wonderful reality.”

An almond granita in a sunny baroque square and the enveloping softness of a style that expresses the freshness of a glance.

A walk in a colorful market immersed in the scents of spices and the refinement of a line that rediscovers those inebriating sensations.

The warmth of an ancient café under the portico of a magical city and the embrace of a soft fabric on the skin.

The everyday life of the morning between student backpacks, traffic queues, revolving doors, elevators and the convenience of a comfortable shape.

Maison Beatrice is a philosophy, a way of life and above all of being.

It is the expression of a femininity that loves to play with colors and patterns.

It is the choice of a delicate but decisive beauty, original and with personality.

It is the attention to detail, quality and price.

It is the desire to experiment and reinvent yourself with naturalness and curiosity.

It is a thought that plunges into the world and tells the most intense suggestions of the world.

Those who wear Maison Beatrice wear authenticity, character, simplicity every day, at any time and in any place.

Casual or chic, refined or extravagant, serious or fun...

Whoever you are, welcome home!

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For Maison Beatrice what we wear is an authentic expression of ourselves and our emotions. The way to introduce ourselves to our daily journey, accompanied by simplicity and freshness ready to express our personality.